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In celebration of May 4th (May the 4th be With You – For Those Star Wars fans out there) we will be looking at some of the most powerful sex toys on the market.

These bad boys will rock your nether regions until you’re weak in the knees and have probably forgotten your own name. So, without further ado, let’s dive into 10 toys with serious vibration.


No duh, this toy made the list. It’s probably one of the strongest toys out there. To quote the wiki page, “The optional penetration attachments rotate using a 20:1 ratio gear motor providing .034 hp (25 W) that can vary from 0 to 120 rpm and vibration is produced using a .059 hp (44 W) electric motor that may be controlled from 0 to 6500 rpm.”

There is a bit of a disclaimer to add though. There are a ton of attachments – and not all of them are a sure-fire way to a mind-blowing orgasm. You’ll also have to experiment with power levels to find that earth-shattering sweet spot. But when you do, WOOHOO! Your neighbors will probably call a priest for an exorcism.


The saddle version might have been around since the 80s, but for some reason, people think the male masturbator came out recently. In fact, it’s been out since 1998 (with plenty of tweaks/updates since then, of course).

You can adjust the strokes from 8 to 300 per minute. They also promise, “Venus for Men is the only product on the market that allows you to reach orgasm with or without an erection. The custom receiver provides the user with a personalized fit to allow maximum pleasure with every use.”

Every man who’s bought it has said, “Forget the 45-day trial. Just buy it.”


powerful sex toys

I’ve personally tried this one. And it’s magical. First, many of the toys out there are embracing the technological aspect, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, sometimes it’s nice to just have a simple one with an on/off button and an up/down power button.

There are no patterns … just power. A LOT of power. Doxy does NOT mess around.

What might be considered a downside for some people is that it has a cord. However, I look at it as a nice option to have in your toy chest. Sometimes people want prolonged play. And a rechargeable sex toy (no matter how robust) just won’t cut it. With the cord, you can have a stronger motor. It’s worth the slight “inconvenience” for some intense orgasms.


powerful sex toys

We saw the first Womanizer when it came out. It was the clit sucker to end all clit suckers. But now the company has come out with a double-ended version. One side has the classic clitoris suction, while the other has an insertable section for the vagina.

You might have to “learn” the buttons so you’re not fumbling with them during play. Also, the main section is rather large, but that’s what you have to deal with if you want power. Reviews have been raging and it’s certainly a worthy addition to the list.


Domi 2 by Lovense. Super Potente 'Mini' Wand!

We can’t have a list of strong sex toys without a little self-promotion. And why not? One of Lovense’s main covenants is power.

Domi 2 is a “mini” wand that has a surprising amount of power in its frame. However, it’s much smaller than Doxy or the Original Magic Wand. What makes this toy special is its programming.

It can be connected by Bluetooth through the Lovense Remote or you can control the toy anywhere in the world through the same app. Also, the power levels are programmable. So, if the low/med/high are say 5/10/15, you can change it to anything within the range of 1-20. Yes, the manufacturer’s high setting isn’t as high as the toy can go!


powerful sex toys
Credit: mamanoleas

The toy gets high marks across all sorts of sites. So if people across the world are ranking the Stronic as a strong and great toy, who are we to argue? Also, apparently, it has hands-free thrusting! Yummy.

Some might cringe at the high price tag. But remember, when it comes to sex toys “what you pay is what you get” very much applies. Intense products need more doo-dads and what-nots (clearly I’m not an engineer), so you’ll find that all of the toys on this list will be an investment.


powerful sex toys

We saw the Venus. But we can’t leave it as just one sex toy for men!

Edge is a duel prostate massager – with the duel part meaning there are TWO STRONG motors to get your engines going. One targets the p-spot, while the other vibrates against the perineum.  And yes, there is also the standard app control for long-distance or whatever other digital goodies you want to play with.

But the best part? Anyone who’s played with prostate massagers knows that they’re not one-size-fits-all. However, Edge 2 is adjustable! Just (gently) move the neck into whatever place that best fits your body and it will stay there!


powerful sex toys

Yes, there’s no way we are leaving out the (formally known as the) Hitachi Wand. It’s the grand-daddy of powerful sex toys after all.

It originally came out as a neck/body massager, but it didn’t take long for women to find out what specific part of the body it could REALLY massage. Sales exploded, but the company didn’t want to connect its name to a product linked to sex.

So, the wand was renamed and revamped over the years. It has a cordless version and still packs a punch. However, some people say that newer competitors (like Doxy) have outshined it in the power department. Still, it’s one worth looking at.


Reviews have been generally great for this cock ring. Considering its size it deserves a place in the powerful sex toys list! The price point is also very affordable. However, it’s important to know if you’re larger than the average penis, it might not fit. So, read the specs first!


powerful sex toys

The second generation of one of the first Lovense toys got a serious facelift. The vibrators got stronger, and so did the contractions! You can control the suction as well. There’s the digital control that comes standard.

Many publications have ranked Max 2 as one of the top 10 male masturbators of the year! Basically, there are enough bells and whistles that you can find whatever combo that will make you gush like Old Faithful.

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