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WM Doll is one of the best TPE sex doll brand in the world, variety of customizations are available, You may see the same body shape and different wm doll heads, hairs, eyes...Sexwaifu is one of the top-selling official vendor of WM, we Promise that the sex dolls in the collection below are completed by WM Brand, 100% authentic and high quality. What's more, If you are looking for a WM sex doll that you don't find in our catalog, Please feel free to contact us and we will help you customize your dream sex doll.

New In WM Sex Dolls

WM Dolls Accessories

Please see below all the accessories that will be included with your doll. Keep in mind, that every doll will have a random clothing set, an eye set and a wig included as well.

WM Dolls accessories

WM Dolls Anti-fake Check

You will get a card with a security code when you buying WM dolls in Sexwaifu. You can verify the authenticity by entering the code on the WM official website. If you already have a certificate, please click here to check the genuinity of your doll.

wm dolls anti fake card

WM Dolls Video

The following video shows the material and details of WM TPE Sex Dolls

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